Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Q. What is C5, C4, C6 in given notes?
These numbers are given to increase the readability of the notes. The numbers are the octave of the piano i.e C5 means C key in the 4th octave. It is based on "Perfect Piano" mobile app key pattern. or any other desktop or mobile app pattern.
Q. What is the name of Piano App that you are using in Tutorial?
App Name is "Perfect Piano"
Q. What is the main content of this site?
The main content of this site is Piano Notes and midi files?
Q. Where I can use these Note?.
You can use these notes to play in your mobile piano app i.e "Perfect piano" or you can play in your keyboard or piano by using same notes.(you can remove number from notes i.e you can treat C5 as C and C4 as C- and C6 as C+)
Q. Are these notes are copied from any other site?
No, These Notes are written by the writer as shown in every notes. No notes are copied from anywhere.
Q. Is there any video to learn these notes?
Yes, All the notes are based on the video that is provided in youtube channel Jarzee Entertainment. you can learn to play there songs using notes and video both. Click here to view videos
Q. Can i copy these notes to my website?
Yes you can use these piano note by taking permission from the owner and proper credit to this website.
Q. Can i share it on my social accounts?
Yes, you can share without any restrictions.
Q. Can I download Midi's from this site?
Yes, you can download by going to midi section.
Q. Who is the owner of this website?
Owner is Musarrat Ansari of Jarzee Entertainment.
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Q. Who is the Developer of this website?
Owner himself is also the developer of this website.