How To Read Piano Notes in this website?

Musarrat ansari 26 August 2019
Hello world, First of all welcome to Jarzee Entertainment. On this page we are going to learn how we can read the piano notes and play it to the keyboard. So before diving into the piano notes we need to know about the piano keyboard and keys. So let's quickly look into the basics of keyboard.
Here is the simple Piano keyboard diagram.
  1. Keyboards (or Piano Keyboard) typically contains keys for playing the twelve notes of the western music.
  2. These keys are combination of larger (longer) and smaller (shorter) keys.
  3. Typically the larger keys are white in color and shorter keys are in black.
  4. The larger keys are often called "white notes" or "white keys" and shorter keys called "black notes" or "black keys".
  5. Keys from C to B keys are combination of 12 keys called an OCTAVE as shown below.
  6. The seven natural white notes of C major scale are "C D E F G A B" and remaining 5 notes are black keys called sharp notes (C# D# F# G# A#) or flat notes (Db Eb Gb Ab Bb) are not in C major scale. See below keyboard layout with key names.
  7. The pattern of the 12 keys repeat at the interval of an octave.
  8. The octave changes the pitch from left to right. The frequency of right octave is the double of its left octave frequency.
  9. In the music notation, notes separated by an octave have the same letter name and are the same pitch class.
That's all about the piano keyboard. Now let's quickly look into the reading techniques.
  1. In the piano notes shown in this website, the letter indicated (i.e C, D, E) are the key name and the number shown beside letter are octave numbers.
  2. C5 means C key in 5th octave.
  3. Just follow the key sequence and press the keys accordingly as shown in this website to play the song on piano.

That's all about the techniques of reading letter piano notes. Hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share your experience and difficulties with this guide in the comments section below.

Thanks, have a nice day.
Written By Musarrat Ansari